Remote diagnostics

Remote diagnostics is the analysis of the machine status via communication software by the diagnostician. Our remote diagnostics also includes other interesting products for the customer.

Product description

Remote diagnostics is the analysis of the machine condition via communication software by the diagnostician. This communication software is provided by the manufacturer of the machine control system. The communication software is used to remotely access the control system’s screen and dialogue menu (nowadays mainly via the Internet). The communication software itself does not include any diagnostic tools. The diagnostician only remotely uses the internal diagnostic capabilities of the control system.

The screen and dialogue menu of the CNC are made available to the diagnostician’s computer at any distance. The diagnostician not only monitors the current status of the machine via its screen, but also uses the keyboard of his computer to control the CNC menu, transmits virtually all data bilaterally and dialogues with the operator using the CHAT function. When analysing a machine fault, the diagnostician uses all the diagnostic functions integrated in the CNC.

The main reason for using this function is to obtain real data on the machine status immediately after the customer has reported a fault. This eliminates inaccurate written or verbal interpretations by the customer that can distract service from the real cause of the fault. Analysis of the fault can be carried out immediately after it occurs by a trained diagnostician. In addition, the diagnostician can influence the CNC data to suppress the fault or eliminate it completely through optimization.

The aim of remote diagnostics is to reduce machine downtime by ensuring that subsequent service work is already precisely targeted. This entails, above all, a reduction in customer losses caused by machine downtime.

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