MADAM control system

Mas Data Management

An intuitive and clear system developed by Kovosvit containing many functions:


Information system functions

  • Visualization of device states, as well as individual components
  • Visualisation of the requirements for the operation of the equipment
  • Visualisation of faults of individual plant components
  • Simple management of language versions
  • Possibility to inform management, maintenance or operators via SMS or email
  • Possibility of remote display of the system – centralizing information

System control functions

  • Control of individual workplace components
  • Control of material flow through the workplace, but also between workplaces, etc.
  • Simplified and clear equipment control
  • Facilitating programming or new production introduction
  • Simplified troubleshooting

System reporting functions

  • User management
  • Logging of events, errors, etc.
  • Creation of user reports
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