Mas machine monitor

SW product of KOVOSVIT MAS, enabling monitoring of machine time utilization including graphical reporting.


This product is a software – MAS MACHINE MONITOR, which allows the customer to monitor the time utilization of the machine during the shift online, or to view the history of operating conditions and thus subsequently take measures in production and logistics. All this is possible in a visualization program that is installed on the customer’s PC.

Another feature is MAS GSM MONITOR – monitoring of selected machine statuses via the mobile operator’s network to selected telephone numbers by SMS. The employee can thus react immediately to an event, even if he is not present at the machine.

Examples of events are – “machine running in cycle”, “machine on and not running”, “machine in error” or “machine off”. This data is processed by the external module and sends mobile messages to the persons responsible for the machine operation. Similarly, the responsible person can send an SMS which is transformed as a command to the machine. For example, “job finished – turn off machine”.

Remote diagnostics at KOVOSVIT MAS offers customers:

MAS GSM MONITOR - GSM module function:

MAS MACHINE MONITOR - Machine usage report and online monitoring via network:

Other features:

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