Turnkey projects

In view of the ever-increasing demands for streamlining production and maximum machine utilization, KOVOSVIT MAS Machine Tools, a.s. offers robotization and automation to its machine tools. These solutions are usually conceived as a “turnkey project” according to individual customer requirements.

Turnkey project progress

1. Customer Demand

To prepare a quotation, we will need the following parameters:
  • Brief description of the automation requirement
  • Production documentation of the parts
  • Required annual production volume
  • Maximum dimensions and weights of the parts
  • Space requirements
  • Planned implementation date
  • Special customer requirements
  • In the case of the inclusion of Kovosvit MAS machine tools, its specification is handled by our regional dealer

In the case of more complex assignments, we recommend a personal meeting and a production tour

On the basis of the above data we will prepare a quotation which will include:
  • Description of the technical solution of the project including visualization
  • Delivery date
  • Price of the project

2. Turnkey project implementation

After signing the contract, we will start with the construction of the project, the progress of which the customer will be informed about during inspection meetings.

3. Handover to the customer

The handover at the buyer's site will be according to the customer's terms and conditions stated in the purchase contract.

4. Operator training and test run

Operator training will take place at the buyer's site and the length of the training depends on the scope of the project.

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