SPH 50

Max. turning dia: 500 mm

Max. turning length: 3 000 mm

Max. workpiece weight: 2 500 kg

Max. Output S1: 100 kW

This cnc lathes are equipped with two independent-controlled turrets enabling machining with two tools at the same time. The tool turrets are situated on the upper bed guideways. They are oriented with tool plates to face each other in a mirrored way.
Travels in the Z axis partially overlap, however, the minimum distance between the turret flange faces is 400 mm in the SPH 50, (320 mm in the SPH 50 D and SPH 50 DS). cnc lathes
The turrets are 8-position in the SPH 50, or 12-position in the SPH 50D and SPH 50 DS. They are electrically controlled and the SPH 50 D and SPH 50 DS can additionally use driven tools. The left turret enters the space above the headstock, the right one above the tailstock.

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