Swing dia. without using of tilting B-axes: 300 mm

Max. power of multi-roller without using of tilting B-axes: 50 kN

Max. workpiece weight: 1 000 kg

Power S1: 11 kW

The special ROLLER 2800 CNC machine is a skeleton of the machine derived from the standard MASTURN 70/3000 CNC turning machine. The function of the machine lies in the technology of cold forming - rolling of cylindrical, conical and transition radius surfaces of shaft components, e.g. vehicle axles. Among other things, this function predetermines the area of ​​application of the machine for specialized production of parts using surface strengthening technology, always perpendicular to the surface of the rolling tool to the material surface by means of the B-axis tilting mechanism controlled by the CNC system.
The locking of the rolling heads in a given position is ensured by a drive with self-locking worm gearboxes.
The rolling equipment is located on a longitudinal support. The slide moves along the machine bed in the longitudinal direction by means of a CNC-controlled Z axis. The movement in the X-axis is realized hydraulically by two quill of rolling heads placed against each other, into which the rolling tools themselves are clamped. Continuous pressure changes on the rolling tools can be changed in the program during the work cycle. The system enables indirect independent measurement of rolling force, recording and archiving of rolling process data.

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