MCV 800 Quick

Dimensions: X / Y / Z – 800 / 500 / 550 mm

Max. table area: 1 000 x 500 mm

Max. table load: 600 Kg

Max. spindle speed: 12 000 min-1

Linear rolling guides with direct measuring of all axes
Small built-up machine area, improved ergonomics ⇒ lower spatial requirements
New developed machine variant with worm chip conveyor ⇒ compactness (machine length decreased by 1200 mm as compared to link conveyor)
Heidenhain TNC620, Siemens 828D control system
Increased starting of X axis = 800 mm
Innovation of kinematic con guration of cross-table ⇒ Increased static rigidity of load-bearing structure
Increased number of clamping grooves on the table
Innovated spindle ⇒ Decreased noise level, maximum revolutions incerased to 12 000 min-1

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