Basic information

Production of grey and modular cast iron castings

In the past ten years, the Company has completely modernized the production process of castings and moulding equipment. In 2001, we introduced a new automated moulding linefollowed by equipment for regeneration of foundry sand mixtures. The Foundry invests into new technology every year to ensure its ability to flexibly respond to the requirements of the clients. The latest large investment was the construction of a new medium-frequency melting shop that was built in August 2013.



Castings are mainly manufactured for the following industries:



Gear producers


Machine tools and moulding machines


Automobile industry


Agricultural machines


Producers of pumps, pipelines and fittings


Textile machines


Shipping industry


Producers of glass moulds


Other industries

Castings are made of the following materials:


  • Grey cast iron (GG15 – GG35)
  • Modular cast iron (GGG40 – GGG60)

Interesting facts:


  • The heaviest cast – a frame for the MCU 3000 machine from grey cast iron with the weight of 13,216 kg, May and December 2011
  • The use of the polystyrene combustible model for a casting with the weight of 7,200 kg, May 2013
  • The employee with the most years of service – 49 years, Jiří Drbal
  • The “New Foundry” celebrated its 50th anniversary of casting production in May 2013


The total annual capacity of the Foundry is 12,000 tonnes of grey and modular cast iron with a weight range per one casting from 2 kg to 13,000 kg.


Our partners




It is a significant Czech producer of castings and forgings that builds on long-term business relations with the clients of the foundry (Tafonco a.s.) and the forge (Taforge a.s.) with the aim of further strengthening and development. Castings and forgings are directed to the automotive industry, the railway industry, manufacturers of agricultural machinery, construction machinery and handling equipment. They also find their use in general mechanical engineering and special applications. TATRA METALURGIE a.s. is a subsidiary of TATRA TRUCKS a.s. belonging to CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP a.s.



It deals with the production of open-die and closed-die forgings as well as castings made of steel, cast steel and alloy steel for the needs of railway and mining sectors, handling, mining, construction and agricultural machinery as well as the defence industry. The products are delivered in rough condition (can also be finished in co-operation), heat-treated, after tests and certifications. We have accredited laboratories not only for mechanical and metallographic, but also for spectrometric and corrosion tests. We belong to CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP a.s. and Optifin Invest s.r.o. Group.


History of foundry



Commencement of the construction of the Foundry


Commencement of the operation of the Foundry


Opening the “New Foundry”, commencement of the operation of foundry cupolas, low-frequency electric furnaces, heavy and medium moulding shop


Introduction of modular cast iron


 Installation of a Künkel Wagner automated line and regeneration of sand mixtures


Construction of a medium-frequency electric melting shop





Opracování na multifunkčním centru


Production of castings

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Quality system

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